Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gov792 ITB 02-RB/MSS/DNAF-DAD/VII/2010 Supply of Hearse Cars 280710

Deadline / Loron Ikus 9 August 2010

Gov791 ITB MdF-DGSC-0018-B Supply of Uniforms 280710

Deadline / Loron Ikus 16 August 2010

Gov790 ITB No.02-B/MSS/DNAF-DAD/IV/2010 Cancellation of Tender Supply of Vehicles 270710

Gov789 ITB-B-100019 Intent to Award Supply of Spare Part Haksolok Java Motor Unip Lda 260710

Gov788 ITB-B-1000020 Intent to Award Project Instalation MV, Transformer sub Stattion & LV Line Dameni 260710

Gov787 ITB-B-100003 Intent to Award Project One Year Filters Oil, Air Fuel Fitun Kaduak Electric 260710

Gov786 ITB STA-MoJ-001/2010 Construction of Ministry of Justice Finance & Adminstration Office Building 260710

Deadline / Loron Ikus 20 August 2010

Gov785 ITB STA-MoH-001/2010 Construction of Mortuary at the National Hospital Guido Valadares-Dili 260710

Deadline / Loron Ikus 20 August 2010