Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gov402 ITB RDTL-09493 Project Construction New Head Quarter for UIR 010609

Deadline / Loron Ikus 18 June 2009

Gov401 ITB-RDTL-09644 Intent to Award Construction Dangerous Cargo Safe Keeping Area & Transshipment Shed Carya Timor Leste 020609

Gov400 RDTL-ITB-900003-B Intent to Award New Construction of National Parliament President's Residence Meeting Room Pereira Limitada 030609

Gov399 RDTL-ITB-900002-B Intent to Award Rehabilitation of National Parliament President's Residence Weditto Unipessoal Lda 030609

Gov398 Intent to Award Supply of Photocopy Machine and Projectors Rider Com 290509

309 USAID-DWASH- CDM International Supply Commodities & Components for Drinking Water System 020609

Deadline / Loron Ikus 14 July 2009