Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gov567 ITB RDTL-MS-09-325-B-0056 Intent to Award Rehabilitation of CDC Building Makasae Construction

Gov566 RFQ BPA-10014 Supply of IT-Equipments Server 260809

Deadline / Loron Ikus 8 September 2009

Gov565 Cancellation of ITB 09334 Project Construction Enlargement Space 240809

Gov564 ITB RDTL-09656 Project Rehabilitation of Sport Area Recreation & Parking Space with Landscape 240809

Deadline / Loron Ikus 31 August 2009

Gov563 ITB 09568-B Intent to Award Supply of Ambulance, Hearse and Forklift Oceano Pty Ltd 240809

Gov562 RDTL-ITB-0961 B Intent to Award Supply and Installation for RTTL in Caicoli-Dili Everson Supply Lda 210809

Gov561 RDTL-ITB-09691 Intent to Award Supply Equipment for RTTL in Caicoli-Dili Filla Delfia Supply Lda 210809